REVIEW: DC Spectres – Volume 4 – 2022

It seems a long time since those gigs at the Wagon with DC Spectres and they have come a long way, still gigging regularly and putting out great music. This latest offering is 11 tracks of no-nonsense garage punk which is best played loud.

Opener ‘Ms Understanding‘, with off beat drums, menacing bass and great vocals lines feels a bit like a cross between the Damned, goth and early garage bands with a melodic chorus almost bordering on Husker Du. ‘Bad Connection’ has a haunting opening riff and Rock and Roll punk that could be the Dead Boys on speed.

There is no let up and ‘Shake You Down’ is a 100 mile an hour rocker with guitar lines that are hard to forget and ‘Inbred Respect’ with lyrical hooks shown how this genre of garage should be played with tight drums, powering bass, and great solos.

They slow it down with ‘Shine (part one)’ with its memorable riff and this seems to end just as I am getting into it. ‘Shine (part Two)’ takes this to another level with metal guitar licks akin to early ‘On Parole’ Motorhead.

‘Action Volume’ goes from a spoken word to a threatening opening that Killing Joke would be proud of and feels like a real anthem. As they always have, they wear their American influences on their sleeve and ‘Born to Die in 73’ is reminiscent of very early pre punk American bands but also feels very fresh and now.  They are no copyists. ‘The Revolution’ with reference to Lennon’s passing has great lyrics and fits neatly behind this track – it has a slightly lighter feel but still has balls.

‘Deathline’ has a surf guitar that floats over the melodic bass and solid drums and has some really nice guitar hooks. Closer ‘Lone Astronaut’ has a slightly different feel to the other tracks and a much slower vibe – think Black Rebel Motorcycle Club meets the Black Keys, meets Sabbath.

The vocals are excellent and the whole album is the full on in your face menacing garage rock and roll we have come to expect from DC Spectres.

If I were you, I would get down to the Tower Of Song in Birmingham on Sunday 20th November for their afternoon set, as on the evidence of this album they will shake you down and pin you to the wall.