I am getting older.

We’re all getting older, of course, but I feel disconnected from the youth.

I’ve started telling the kids at work – by the way I’ve got t-shirts older than some of them – that “you millennials don’t know you’re born,” like I grew up with ration books and outside toilets, instead of being born into a middle class family with pretty much everything we wanted.

That comes into sharper focus when I review things like this. Cavalcade are four young lads from East London, who write about their lives. These are lives I don’t understand, and I don’t want to look like some old bloke trying desperately to be down with the kids.

The problem is simple: “Swallow The Weekend” is absolutely superb. From the slow build up to “Feels Like Home” before the riff kicks in, to the sun-kissed and blissful “Sunshine Child” at the end, these four songs are a statement of intent.

They are more too. They sound like a gang, they sound like if you crossed one of them, you’d be taking them all on.

Reviews mention the Buzzcocks, and that’s fine, there’s a melodic punk thing about “Feels Like Home”, but there’s something urban, something of Up The Bracket too, as Connor Duggan spits “I took a scenic route to a downward spiral”.

Jack Campbell’s lead work is interesting. Equal parts low-slung punk and angular indie, it adds something imperceptible to “Dreaming About” for sure. If I am of an age where I automatically assume all youngsters are pilled up, then I reckon I am on safe ground with the title track. It’s got anthemic quality, though and it’s so catchy (addictive?) that you can’t ignore it.

The last one is lovely, something more innocent maybe? As the gentle chorus suggests “I want you to know that everything will be alright”. Lets hope it is.

Emerging on a big rock label, this is a debut record to match the expectations. I might not strictly be their target audience, but whatever, “Swallow The Weekend” is a fresh take on rock n roll, and who doesn’t need one of them every so often.

Rating 8.5/10

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