Seven tracks of rock n roll goodness from Spain

There’s a track on this called “Never Too Loud”. It begins with a machine gun drum beat and heads off looking for whatever trouble it can find. Great song, but…..

The but is…MV knew we should have trademarked the tagline for our website, but that’s cool, we’ll let Bullet Proof Lovers have use of it too, if for no other reason than this seven tracker is really rather good.

In fact there’s very little about BPL that isn’t very cool indeed. A five piece from Spain led by Kurt Baker. All the members are veterans of the scene, BPL got together in 2014, and evidently love what they do – and in you imagine that most of things in their record collections are exactly the type of stuff they play here.

Which, to cut to the chase, is Cheap Trick rewritten in the shape “I’ll Be Alright” which sees Baker shout “alright boys!” before the solo, with palpable glee. It’s a punk rock slammer when “Leave Me Alone” kicks in with 90 odd seconds of attitude.

This type of gleeful punk n roll is all over “She’s Gonna Leave” too, and if “Breaking Down” is more of a groover, it does it’s business in a kind of Hellacopters way as it tells its rueful tale of music that can’t fail to engender a grin.

“Nothin’ I Can’t Do” has an air of the raw about it and when they sing “doing all the drugs, till I am passed out on the lawn” its probably best not to take it too literally.

Things end with the collection’s real killer cut. “Master Of My Destiny” is a wonderfully catchy slice of Backyard Babies circa 1998, and ends with the simple exclamation of “fuck, yeah.” That seems to be the best way to end this review too.

A fine slice of rock n roll’s underground.

Rating 7.5/10


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