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Brummie Damian gets to grips with the city’s new rock n rollers

An acquaintance has been talking about these fellas for some time so I was delighted when this album came my way.

Black Bombers are a Post Punk / Garage Rock trio from Birmingham. The band comprises of Alan Byron (guitar and vocals), Darren Birch (bass guitar) and Dave Twist (drums).

These guys certainly have pedigree. They can boast of a founder member of notorious Birmingham sleaze-rockers Gunfire Dance and a former member of seminal punk/post-punk band The Prefects.

A member also serves in Heartbreaker Walter Lure’s touring band and has played alongside Dave Kusworth.of The Jacobites. Two of the boys are also members of Birmingham’s long established, George Romero / Ennio Morricone influenced, Horse Feathers.

“That Kind” kicks off the album and lays down a real marker. We get pounding drums; throbbing bass and grinding guitar licks before Alan’s pleading almost crying vocals come creeping in. A stunner of a tune to introduce us to the band.

“Whiplash” is up next and it’s another great song, which reminded me of the wonderful “Neat, Neat, Neat” by the Damned.

“Come on Over” is a raw slice of Rock n Roll sleaze, almost hypnotic at times, just what the Doctor ordered. A slow slightly sordid track in the guise of “Nameless” follows where Alan’s vocals are almost distant before becoming more menacing as the song progresses. This track had some great rock out moments. “Crazy” is a no nonsense Rock cum rockabilly offering, a piece to just let yourself go to.

The last four tracks “Save Me”, “No Disgrace”, “Break it Down” and “Early Warning” are more up tempo chunks of grimy rock n roll.

Single versions of “Crazy” and “That Kind” are reprised at the end of the album.

This is a marvellous offering from these boys. A cracking mix of intimidating, unnerving garage rock, post punk, rock n roll, rockabilly psyche delivered to us by some gifted musicians.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the band and hearing these tracks being brought to life before an appreciative audience.

Birmingham is known as the stronghold of metal but these fellas could be the Brummie Bastions of Rock n Roll. Let these guys explode into your life!!!

Rating 9/10

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