Back in the spring, Atreyu stuck out an EP called “The Hope Of A Spark. I reviewed it, essentially because I’d seen the band open for Bullet For My Valentine and thought they were great.

The EP was too. I called them “one of the finest bands that modern metal has to offer” (they’ve been going only slightly over 20 years, which makes them modern to me).

“The Moment You Find Your Flame” is basically a companion to it. The same four songs appear, with another quartet to start with.

Beginning, indeed, with “Good Enough”, which is one of those songs that makes you wonder quite how Atreyu make music that sounds so effortlessly huge. That is open to question, just know they do. “Are you giving up?” Sings Brandon Saller. In such a way that suggests he insists on the latter.

“Immortal” does more of the same, but the way they seethe with anger is impressive. Defiance is a better word perhaps.

“Gone” is a masterclass in modern US rock. These are not songs, they are dragged from deep. They mean something. That’s why Atreyu are so good at this.

The church organ in “I Don’t Wanna Die” seems to call for a higher power, and change the pace. They like a ballad every so often

That’s It for the four you don’t know yet, here’s the four you might. And it underlines all we’d said. “Drowning” too, for all that is moshpit ready (they are going to play this live I guarantee) has a gravitas.

“God/Devil” is as visceral as it gets. An anthem for 2023. And the guitar solo is top-class.

“Capital F” surveys the world and concludes, well, that you know what the F stands for, right?

“Watch Me Burn” is stadium shaking, “I’ll be fighting till my last breath” don’t doubt it, or them.

Atreyu mean every word of this. There’s nothing fake about them. “The Moment You Find Your Flame” rather proves it.

Rating 8.5/10

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