Review: Ad Meliora – The Void, The Time, The Path EP (2021)


Ad Meliora are an alternative-rock/metal band based in Stockholm, Sweden comprising Pablo Alabau (vocals), Sergio Ortiz (guitar, vocals), Abby Suarez (bass) and Ioan Ebbasta (drums, vocals). These experienced musicians from Spain, Italy and The Canary Islands got together as a band in 2019 and took their name from a Latin phrase meaning “towards better things”. The group have a five track EP named “The Void, The Time, The Path released this month.

This extended play opens with `Escaping Forward` a song which tells of the risk of leaving home to pursue a better life in another country but still retaining a certain amount of longing for your previous homeland. It`s a quite fast paced driving piece of heavy rock with some almost math rock touches. There`s a quite touching line where the narrator`s mother says to him “wrap up and don`t get high”. There was a touch of early Soundgarden with `Hour Of Z` which reflects on an overprotected generation whereas their contemporaries were treated to a bit of tough love which didn`t seem to do them much harm.

`Gigante Roja` or Red Giant is written and sung in Spanish and explores the limits of society, about how long we will keep looking aside, while injustice is going on at our doorsteps, even if it means that we are the ones losing because of it. A quite laid back number with vocals that had a sense of frustration maybe desperation. We return to a grinding beat with thumping drums, pounding bass and skewed guitar riffs with `10am`. A track that`s about feeling as low as you can mentally, realising the need to transform yourself, seeking help and turning the situation around. We have a brief fragment of controlled aggression right at the death of the song.

We conclude with `Doomsday Celebration` a number that is a parody of rejoicing at Armageddon or the end of the world. It begins with screamed, growling vocals and then becomes more of a belligerent thrashy jam.

`The Void, The Time, The Path` was an engaging introduction to Ad Meliora who seem to have some interesting tunes and a vocalist that has quite a deep and heavy vocal range. It will be interesting to see how these guys progress.

Rating 8/10


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