JJ Wilde releases new singles ‘Home’ and ‘Trouble’. The first is a chugging anthem of independence with a sound grounded in Nashville swagger, while ‘Trouble’ is a proclamation of badassery imbued with hard guitar. She also recently released the official video for ‘The Rush’ taken from her debut EP ‘Wilde Eyes, Steady Hands’JJ is making a major impression on the modern face of rock music with her EPcrossing one million streams on Spotify

Her four-song debut EP ‘Wilde Eyes, Steady Hands’ is a cathartic, rousing and well-varied amalgamation of pure, fiercely unapologetic rock n roll. It strikes the perfect balance between raucousness and sincerity, mixing together sweltering odes to independence (like the riotous ‘The Rush’ which serves as a perfectly executed soundtrack for reckless indulgence) with warmer self-reflective moments (like ‘State of Mind’ which finds JJ confronting her imperfections, knowing she’ll eventually learn from her mistakes). She pairs her earnest songwriting with her instantly memorable, velveteen rasp and full-throttle guitar.

Sewing together an honesty that calls to mind Liz Phair, a swagger reminiscent of Bikini Kill, and a Courtney Love-esque snarl, JJ Wilde is not only paying respect to the heart and soul of rock music, but fully chiselling her own place within the genre.

The EP is out via BMG/Black Box on all streaming services and is a brash declaration of artistry from a refreshing new voice in rock.

After cutting her teeth on the road opening forThe Struts, The Glorious Sons, Reignwolf,and Incubus (all within less than a year after she released her debut single ‘Wired’,she’s embarking on her first headline U.S. tour. Shehas also been confirmed as an opener for Jimmy Eat World‘s 2020 Canadian Tour .