Inching ever closer to their first album in over 6 years, “Echoes of Solitude” is very much the centre-piece of upcoming album ‘Impermanence‘ (out January 2022).

Obliquely chiming with the ecological themes that have dominated discussion in recent weeks, “Echoes of Solitude” sources inspiration from one of the natural world’s most beautiful and mysterious living wonders: The 52-hertz Whale.

Perhaps better known as ‘the lonely whale‘, the marine mammal sings at a pitch its peers will never be able to understand and is destined to explore the deep alone for its entire lifetime. Slowly unspooling over a majestic 9-minutes, “Echoes of Solitude” finds Gilmore Trail interpreting the lumbering presence, intrinsic loneliness and loping sense of awe of this creature with artful musical impressionism. An instrumental opus that sees the Sheffield post-rock group operating on the same wavelength, the band infuse sweeping synthesisers, dichotomous guitars that oscillate through patterns of chaos and calm, and jazzy saxophone lines that emulate the song of the lonely whale itself to create something truly breathtaking.

Explaining how the animal melancholy story directly inspired their latest work, Gilmore Trail say:

“”Echoes of Solitude” found its inspiration in the tale of the lonely whale – a creature whose calls resonate at a different frequency to the rest of its species. We sought to channel both the immense beauty and the crushing seclusion of the sea. We were forced to work remotely with saxophonist Martin Archer due to a national lockdown, but his isolation was perfectly attuned to that of the whale itself.”

Echoes of Solitude” swiftly follows recent single “Ruins“, the first single to be cut from Gilmore Trail’s third album: ‘Impermanence’. The long-awaited follow up to 2015’s ‘The Floating World’ and it will be released via Gilmore Trail’s own Chasmata Records imprint on 21st January 2022.

Impermanence‘ is a record ultimately about change, transition and uncertainty; its seven instrumental tracks each responding to these core underlying themes with songs inspired by legacy, family, history, philosophy and the natural world.Arriving 10 years into their career, ‘Impermanence’ is also the Trail’s first record to feature an array of official guest appearancesSally Blyth (a sound practitioner in Sheffield), provides hypnotic singing bowls signatures on the 10-minute epic “Distant Reflection”; whereas the aforementioned Martin Archer (the owner of Discus Music) gifts the breathtaking “Echoes of Solitude” with its haunting saxophone undulations. The record also sees the band welcome into the frame Bob Brown as their new drummer and official member.

With all music written and performed by Gilmore Trail, the album was recorded by Danny Mills at Chasmata Studios (Sheffield) in 2019. Mixed by Mills with Joe Richards, it was given its final mastering by Lawrence Mackrory at Obey Mastering (Sweden) the following year. Joe Richards provided initial field recordings of the tracks “Echoes of Solitude” and “Nocturne”.
 A record that finds a band uncompromisingly true to their natural identity, yet embracing change for all the goodness it can bring, ‘Impermanence’ is the sound of Gilmore Trail in evolution and taking control of their destiny. New single: “Echoes of Solitude” is out now.



Available digitally on all streaming platforms and physically, the 12″ of ‘Impermanence’ includes a vinyl-only bonus track:  “Origins/Oceans” (Live).

For the last decade, Gilmore Trail have been making music both unassumingly epic and simmeringly cinematic. Harnessing elements of post-rock to space-rock, alternative to the progressive the band have gleaned inspiration from the catalogues of Oceansize, This Will Destroy You, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Mogwai, Intronaut Buckethead and beyond, yet with a resultant sound theirs alone. Making their mark with their 2013 debut ‘Sailing Stone‘, the band have charted a course of their choosing and a pace of their own definition. With two albums, an EP, plus a reworking of themes from the TV show Twin Peaks to date, the band have earned something of a cult following, while also receiving praise from mainstream media including Clash, Rocksound, Prog Magazine, Now Then, plus spins on the likes of BBC 6Music and BBC Introducing. A formidable live prospect, the Trail have delivered captivating performances at the likes of ArcTanGent Festival (2017) and Tramlines Festival, taken in two UK headline tours, and even three weddings. Named after a passage in Alaska – a route recommended for best experiencing the Northern Lights; the band have earned a reputation for the atmospheric and transcendent, with their latest work, ‘Impermanence‘, set to continue that blazing trail. Gilmore Trail are David Ivall and Danny Mills on guitars, Joe Richards on bass and Bob Brown on drums.