Duncan Tyler

Modern rockers Amongst Liars have released a rap remix of their latest single, ‘All Over Now’. The track is remixed by Eastbourne rapper Alpha Whiskey and DJ Jonny Jazz, bringing a south coast rap and scratch element to the song, giving it a Linkin Park vibe. The remix follows the original ‘All Over Now‘, the second single to be released from the band’s upcoming debut album. The band’s self-titled record is due to be released 8th July.

Stream ‘All Over Now (Rap Remix)’: here.
Watch the visualiser for ‘All Over Now (Rap Remix)’ here: https://youtu.be/-DFwW2OqFrs

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On the remix, the band explains: 

“We are really excited for people to hear all versions and have loved mixing things up, experimenting and showing what is possible when you work a song with different artists. People are so quick to label music these days and we love bringing different elements into our sound, showing that there can be way more to being a modern rock band!”

The sci-fi music video shows the band travelling to multiple locations in an attempt to find a sustainable planet.

On the inspiration behind the latest single, vocalist Ian George explains:

“‘All Over Now’ was written in response to the way powerful business people and leaders react to the increasingly important subject of climate change. There have been a lot of people seemingly ignoring the obvious and only getting involved when it helps their own gain. The UK government, for a start, are not clear and directive when it comes to measures that need to be taken by businesses (not that it comes as a surprise.) We feel there needs to be a lot more emphasis and importance put on the future of this planet, and sustainability talked about more openly and with more passion and purpose.”

‘All Over Now’ doesn’t just stop there though. The band will also be releasing one more remix over the coming weeks, as vocalist Ian George explains:

“We decided that, for this single, we wanted to explore a multiverse of music and do B and C-sides, so have collaborated to produce two remixes of the song.”

Pihka Is My Name, a Finland-based duo, combine analogue synthesisers, hypnotic piano patterns and cinematic orchestrations on the club remix, just in time for summer.

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The self-titled debut album is produced by David Radahd-Jones (Heaven’s BasementThe Fallen StateThe Cruel KnivesDeath Blooms), and upon its release, will be accompanied by a UK tour.

On the new album, the band comment:

“Our self-titled debut album is a commentary on the world we currently live in, tackling issues such as abuse and bullying, war mongering for financial gain, poverty, greed, fake news, unjust and deceitful political misgivings, election fraud, human rights abuses and climate change concerns. But the message of the album is one of positivity and empowerment. There are a lot of inequities in this world, but people can and do get strength and take control, through challenging and standing up to abusers, politicians and general wrong doers.”