French post metal band return

Paris-based industrial post-metal project DDENT will release their very first full-length “آكتئاب” in the winter of 2017. Feel the heavy pulse of their lunar instrumentals with a first excerpt streaming below.
From a solo prism of expression and songwriting was born DDENT. Four years after their debut EP “Chien Noir” (in reference to Churchill’s “black dog”), the machine is kick-started around a brand new live set of musicians in anticipation of the 2017 release of their debut album آكتئاب” (“ektiheb” in arab, meaning melancholy or depression).
Recorded by Chris Fielding at Skyhammer Studio in Liverpool and mastered by James Plotkin, DDENT‘s debut آكتئاب” depicts the introspective journey of a poet over the heavy pulse of eight instrumental tracks inspired by arab psalms. 
DDENT – Debut album “آكتئاب” out on February 13th