Don’t expect overdubs here….

From the gutters of Oslo, Norway comes Blackened Thrash Metal band VINGULMORK to deliver a new single ‘Hold Your Ground’ from their upcoming debut full length album “Chiaroscuro”.

The ‘Hold Your Ground’ Single is available now to purchase:

“Chiaroscuro” is set to be released on November 13th in CD and LP formats through the Norwegian Metal Label CRIME RECORDS. “Chiaroscuro” was Mixed by Børge Finstad and Matias Aaveren & Recorded at Toproom studios.

VINGULMORK stresses the importance of songwriting to comprise aggressive, Old School Thrash that goes head to head with contemporary Black Metal with melodic hooks on a record that seeks to emphasize the contrasts between light and dark, musically, lyrically and visually.” A Blackened Thrash Metal onslaught, absolutely pure and free from the chains of overdubs, triggers and studio finesse.

Pre-orders for “Chiaroscuro” are now online at the Crime Records Webshop.


VINGULMORK - Chiaroscuro cover art_zpsfymfollf

01. Collapse and Rebuild (03:38)
02. Hold Your Ground (03:17)
03. (I Am) The Darkness You Can Touch (05:24)
04. The Haunting (02:36)
05. Old Hate (02:59)
06. From Promise (03:29)
07. Painting Lives (03:34)
08. White Dress, Black Heart (02:23)
09. It Will Suffice (05:45)

Official Website: