Shimmering psychedelic rock trio Dirty Sound Magnet have announced their new album, Dreaming In Dystopia, to be released 20th October via Australian label Wild Thing Records.

The band have also released their evocative new single ‘Melodies From Distant Shores’, the album’s opening track.

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Dreaming In Dystopia is Dirty Sound Magnet‘s fourth LP, and arrives as the band continue to establish themselves as one of the most exciting acts to emerge from Switzerland this century.

Since its founding in 2016, Dirty Sound Magnet have released three studio recordings, each melding the sounds of rock’s golden age with the genre-agnostic experimentalism of today.

The unwavering innovation and experimentation that Dirty Sound Magnet applies to its sound is instantly apparent on the upcoming album’s first single, ‘Melodies From Distant Shores’, bearing the vivid textures of folk rock. Its combination of kaleidoscopic guitars, kinetic percussion, atmospheric passages, and colourfully-sung lyrics coalesce into a partially autobiographical tale about Stavros Dzodzos‘ (guitars, lead vocals) upbringing in the folklore-steeped town of Fribourg, Switzerland.

“Fribourg is an old mystical town that has many gloomy legends featuring dragons, witches, and the Devil himself,” explains Dzodzos“With ‘Melodies From Distant Shores’, I wanted to depict how I always felt like a stranger in a strange world growing up in the city, where it also doubled in cultivating this fear of the unknown as well through its mysterious history.”

That otherworldly aura is even more palpable in the ethereal ‘Melodies From Distant Shores’ music video that debuts alongside the single and the announcement of Dreaming In Dystopia. In order to visually capture that distinct atmosphere, the band opted to shoot the video at the very location that inspired much of the track in the first place.

“Many of Fribourg’s fantastical tales take place in the valley near the city’s old town,” explains Dzodzos“It’s an area full of graphic poetry but the spooky vibrations never leave the air. There is a precise spot that inspired the atmosphere and the lyrics of ‘Melodies From Distant Shores’. We chose that very same spot to shoot the music video to channel the foresty and magical textures as heard on the track”.

In their time, the trio of Stavros Dzodzos (guitars, lead vocals), Marco Mottolini (bass, backing vocals), and Maxime Cosandey (drums, backing vocals, special effects) have already performed over 650 shows throughout Europe, the UK, and Mexico. Thanks in part to this tireless work ethic and becoming known internationally for their mesmerizing live shows, Dirty Sound Magnet have, in just this short period of time, taken home the 2022 Swiss Live Talents award for ‘Best Swiss Rock Band’ and performed as support for various rock heavyweights including Wolfmother (AU), Rival Sons (US), and Monster Magnet (US).

While 2023’s Dreaming In Dystopia sits as Dirty Sound Magnet‘s most wonderfully expansive release to date, it also represents the most introspective chapter in the band’s story so far. The album sees the trio explore how, despite the chaotic nature of the world we live in, certain things like the profound power of music and self-expression remain constant. It’s reflective in a way that allows Dirty Sound Magnet to not only express and iterate on their ever-evolving flavour of psychedelic rock but also puts into perspective just how far the trio has come as musicians and performers.

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