OTHERWISE have exclusively partnered up with Loudwire to debut their much-anticipated first video off the new album for the track ‘Angry Heart’.

Check out ‘Angry Heart’ via Loudwire

The new conceptual opus is a dynamic, new visual look for the band, as they all acted in this full, intriguing story-line scenario. The aforementioned track comes off the group’s crushing new album, “Sleeping Lions”, which is now available everywhere via Century Media Records.

Vocalist Adrian Patrick states: “The concept for the video of ‘Angry Heart’ is specifically constructed around the lyric, “So who is all bite; who is all bark? The Wolf of Light or the Wolf of Dark?” I gave our director, Mike Watts, some insight into my own struggles with anger and alcohol, and trying to find a balance between my new life as a family man and my lifelong musical mission. He devised this brilliant, provocative storyline that serves as an analogy for my inner battles…do I follow the overwhelming love for my family and give up on the fire of my passion, or vice versa? Having the entire band act in the video itself helped to capture the authenticity of our plight. The video is a powerfully honest piece and it feels good to be so proud of it.”

You can purchase “Sleeping Lions” here: http://smarturl.it/SleepingLions