Robbing Millions, the first outside signing on MGMT Records, has released the song and video for ‘Family Dinner‘ off his forthcoming new album, ‘Holidays Inside‘, out 25th June in collaboration with [PIAS]. Lucien Fraipont, the Belgian artist behind Robbing Millions, finds inspiration from the hallowed legacies of avant-pop artists ranging from R. Stevie Moore to Scritti Politti. ‘Family Dinner’ leans into the trained jazz guitarist’s quirky penchant for the unexpected. He describes the song, saying “The intro is pretty misleading, it starts with a medieval Highlife style groove topped with a bebop-ish guitar melody, but the song quickly lands on a poppier disco beat.


‘Family Dinner’, as well as the rest of the full-length, was recorded between Fraipont’s kitchen and home studio in Belgium, and mixed/produced by Shags Chamberlain (Drugdealer, Mac Demarco) in LA. The lyrics, Fraipont explained, “are reflecting a glowing teenage angst. I often have dinner with my family, who I love dearly, but as a teenager, I often just wanted to spend my time doing music instead. I felt a loss of time, which is pretty stupid, but the song is an exaggerated vision of that teenage feeling.” The accompanying video was shot in Paris by multidisciplinary artist Ieva Kabašinskaitė with an assembled for the occasion family and reworked in the Argentinian jungle by illustrator and collage artist Salvador Cresta.

‘Family Dinner’ is accompanied by ‘Mont de Piété’, the most filmic instrumental on the album, which borrows its title from the building next to Fraipont’s house, a big pawnshop with a medieval name. These are the fifth and sixth tracks to be released from the 18-track album, following ‘Tiny Tino’, ‘Overdry’, ‘Dynamic Plants’, and ‘Camera’, each song a part of a colourful fantasia, the full album brimming with ideas and pure musical wonder.  ‘Holidays Inside’ embraces the joy of creation through pure eclecticism, offering welcome surprises around every corner in a way that can’t help but bring a smile to your face.