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Remix of new single from ever changing rockers

Gold selling rock band Sonic Syndicate recently released their most daring album yet. The new album Confessions has turned out to be a success, but it has also brought light upon the discussion about artistic freedom since the band has chosen to leave the hardest of their old metal sound behind. When creating the new album the members of the band took a deeper look into themselves and Sonic Syndicate lets the listener take part of their vulnerability through total uncompromising honesty in their songwriting and new rock sound.

“We’re dropping any pretension, stereotypes and expectations and we’re left with honesty, creativity and love for music by a band that is not afraid of anything. Finally we can stand up and say we have our own sound. I think this album is going to open some doors and slam others, make waves and make noise.  ” //Sonic Syndicate

Now Sonic Syndicate has a new single coming where the Venezuelan keyboardist, DJ, composer, producer and remixer Zardonic has made a remix of the song  “Start A War”. Zardonic is primarily known for his heavy electronic dance music. He is dubbed as Venezuela’s top DJ act with releases peaking at #1 in Beatport’s Drum & Bass releases of the week and Amazon’s Hard Rock & Metal Bestsellers. He also has one of the Top 10 best DJ masks in the world and is featured in the game “Warlocks Vs Shadows”, making him the first Latin American musician to be ever featured as a playable character in a video game.

Zardonic has previously been working with Despotz Records and has made sucessfull remixes of songs from Unguided and Nightrage.

With the remix of “Start A War” Zardonic has brought the song to a whole different level and genre. The original song has turned out to be the most played single from the new album.

“The meaning behind “Start A War” is that we’re not going anywhere, we’re breaking out now. But it’s more than that. This is a personal message to anyone who has dared to dream and just needs that extra push which could inspire them to change their lives. It’s time to start a war!” // Sonic Syndicate

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