Coventry’s finest? 

Fast rising Midlands rockers, Pelugion are pleased to announce the release of their single ‘Bide My Time’. 

The single has been produced, mixed and mastered at Woodworm studios by Mike Exeter who has worked with such legends as Black Sabbath, Dio and Judas Priest.

The band have explained the story behind ‘Bide My Time’: “’Bide My Time’ is a story about learning to deal with regret. Although it may seem like you should have let go of that ex’s hold on you sooner, you’re almost glad in a way that you waited this long because how else can you appreciate the good things without having experienced the bad. Now the ex has gone, you know you can bide your time, waiting for something better to come along …and maybe waiting for karma too.”

Pelugion are:

Andy Sweeney – Vocals / Bass

John Pittaway – Guitar

Brandon Balou – Drums