Swedish American power metal super-group NORTHTALE recently signed a deal with Nuclear Blast, and we’re pleased to announce that the relationship has started to bear fruit  the band’s 13-song debut album Welcome To Paradise is set to be released on August 2nd 2019. It features artwork from renowned rock/metal artist Felipe Machado. The record was produced by NORTHTALE themselves, whilst Jonas Kjellgren(Blacklounge Studios, Sweden) took care of the mixing and mastering duties.

Guitarist and band founding member Bill Hudson comments, “The artwork for Welcome To Paradise represents an entrance to whatever ‘paradise’ represents to each of us. With this album, we intend to introduce the band to the world as well as to spread our message, that you can be or do whatever you want – it’s all inside your own mind. Felipe Machadodid a great job capturing our ideas and bringing them into reality. The album, the music and the lyrics all seek to empower the listener and remind them that THEY are masters of their destiny and what happens in their lives.”

The first single is due very soon, stay tuned!

Welcome To Paradise – Track Listing:

01. Welcome To Paradise
02. Higher
03. Follow Me
04. The Rhythm of Life
05. Time To Rise
06. Way Of The Light (Bonus Track)
07. Shape Your Reality
08. Everyone’s A Star
09. Siren’s Fall
10. Bring Down The Mountain
11. Playing With Fire
12. If Angels Are Real
13. Even When

Side A
01. Welcome To Paradise
02. Higher
03. Follow Me
04. The Rhythm of Life
05. Time To Rise
06. Everyone’s A Star
Side B
01. Shape Your Reality
02. Siren’s Fall
03. Bring Down The Mountain
04. Playing With Fire
05. If Angels Are Real
06. Even When

The track is also available on SpotifyiTunes and other digital music platforms. Make sure to follow the band to not miss their upcoming material: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0cxYOcvgOWW1MJEoWeuCvg?si=QlwNWsuYTASg4-VYPXVcyg

NORTHTALE – behind this illustrious name lies nothing less than a Swedish American power metal super-group. Formed by guitarist Bill Hudson (Trans-Siberian OrchestraI Am Morbid, ex-U.D.O./Dirkschneider), vocalist Christian Eriksson (ex-Twilight Force) and drummer Patrick Johansson (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, ex-W.A.S.P. etc.) in late 2017, the line-up was quickly completed by Mikael Planefeldt (bass) as well as keyboardist Jimmy Pitts. Delivering a load of (largely) fast-paced anthems, imbued with Eriksson‘s soaring vocals, Welcome To Paradise will not only please fans of titans such as HelloweenSonata ArcticaGamma RayStratovarius among others, but draw new fans to the genre too.

The group is set to conquer not only your audio systems, but also the world’s stages, with their very first gig set to take place at their label mates Sabaton‘s very own open air festival (Aug 14-17), shortly later heading into two concerts in Tokyo, Japan for the Evoken Festival (Aug 30 & Sep 1).