September 22, 2023 will see hard rock veterans, BONFIRE, reissue their most wanted albums “Point Blank”“Fireworks” and “Don’t Touch The Light” as “MMXXIII” re-recording versions with an entirely new artwork. Available for the very first time as digital format on all streaming providers, as colored limited and none limited vinyl and as CD digipack, you can now pre-order your favorite album via AFM Records at THIS LOCATION!

Since more than 35 years, BONFIRE are the embodiment of “Hard’n’Heavy made in Germany”, and belong to one of the most iconic German hard rock bands to date; their latest, 2020-offering “Fistful Of Fire” garnered high positions in the German album charts. Their first three releases, “Don’t Touch The Light” (1986), “Fireworks” (1987) and “Point Blank” (1989), which have shaped a whole era, still hold a special position in BONFIRE‘s career. As one of the group’s founding members and its main composer, Hans Ziller came up with an ambitious idea: How would the songs from those now slightly dated releases sound if they were re-recorded in contemporary studio conditions? This concept was particularly exciting because the band’s current line-up is one of the strongest of their entire career. 

 And so his idea began to take shape: The outstanding, current BONFIRE line-up, featuring new, exceptional vocalist DYAN, has completely re-recorded all three albums, supported by updated cover artworks. As Zillerrecently said: “What we wanted to do was to record the songs as if Bonfire had been a metal band in the eighties!”

 Following a previously-released new version of the song “S.D.I.”, today, BONFIRE are presenting us the “MMXXIII” single version of their classic “Who’s Foolin’ Who”! “A power ballad that has it all.” Ziller comments. “You can immediately hear, this is Dyan’s favorite ballad. His vocal skills are big cinema. The guitars are blazing that it’s a real pleasure. An absolute gem.”

Watch the brand new BONFIRE video clip for “Who’s Foolin’ Who” HEREIn addition to DYAN and Ziller, the current BONFIRE line-up features solo guitarist Frank Pané (Valley’s Eve, Sainted Sinners), New York bassist Ronnie Parkes and drummer Fabio Allesandrini (Annihilator). What literally screams metal by name definitely sounds like it: These recent recordings of “Don’t Touch The Light”“Fireworks” and “Point Blank” see BONFIRE deliver a timeless momentum from the original albums in a powerful sound that, despite its unbridled power, has lost none of its complexity. Ziller: “Of course, we kept to the original arrangements as much as possible, perhaps slightly changing a riff now and then or updating the sound of a guitar part. But all the essential elements, right down to the lyrics, have remained untouched.”

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Hans Ziller – Lead Guitar
Frank Pane – Lead Guitar
Ronnie Parkes – Bass
Fabio Alessandrini – Drums
DYAN – Lead Vocals

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