KILFEATHER release new single ‘Nightmares’, out now on Riot Records.

Psych rock outfit KILFEATHER released their latest full-length album ‘Island of Forgotten Toys‘ in November 2020 via Riot Records (part of the Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group). Now, KILFEATHER return with their brand-new single ‘Nightmares‘, which is now out on all digital platforms .

This brand-new single from KILFEATHER is a fast-paced ride to hell and back. Fueled by a relentless rhythm section and guitar riffs enshrouded in fuzz distortion, all provided by K. Kilfeather himself, ‘Nightmares‘ is a heavy punk-n-roll anthem fit to sing with your worst allies, or scream at your greatest enemies. 

Like an evil spirit that haunts people during their sleep, this frightening dream will usually awaken the sleeper in a cold sweat. Something such as an experience, situation, or having a monstrous character or “aggressor” of a nightmare can produce a feeling of anxiety or terror.

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