Final Stair are thrilled to announce the release of their brand new single Never Felt Before today. To coincide with the new track, the band is also launching a captivating performance video.

                                                                    Watch video here

Never Felt Before is the seventh single the Berlin based three-piece shares with its fans and it is taken from the forthcoming debut album Hope, out on 30th SeptemberThe track sonically embodies its lyrical essence; with very strong Killers-esque reminiscences and distinct rock sensibilities, the song further showcases Final Stair’s ability to play with their own experiences and influences, without falling into obvious echoes or “heard-before” melodies. Everything about Never Felt Before is familiar and yet brand new.  

The band comments: ” Never Felt Before is about the passionate attraction between two people. It’s about a special moment. You can feel the excitement at first glance. Your hands are starting to sweat and your stomach is tingling. They both have the same overwhelming feelings towards each other that just can’t be described. You’ve just never experienced anything like it. When we wrote the song, we didn’t have to think twice. We realized very quickly that this song describes the topic of passion very well, as it rushes forward uncompromisingly from start to finish, is incredibly intense and hardly leaves any time to breathe.

Never Felt Beforefollows from the previous single Headgamesa track that painfully explores the singer’s inner self, touching the difficult topics of anxiety and depression.