Today is the day! Mötley Crüe The Dirt movie is officially one year old! “Watch the Movie/Stream the soundtrack”:

Yesterday Mötley Crüe released a lyric video for one their classic tracks ‘Home Sweet Home’ WATCH THE VIDEO HERE

Where not only we can re-live some of the scenes from the movie but in a way the band is also promoting a positive message. Due to the Corona Virus pandemic most people around the world are currently on lockdown and the band has posted the video declaring ‘Stay safe out there and stay Home Sweet Home’.

The message is being received by fans and the comments on the YouTube view are picking up on this, and many are listed below for you to quote in any articles.

Since the release of this globally acclaimed film, the band gained a whole new fan base, in fact the streaming data shows 18-24 years old being their current predominant audience. Due to the high demand coming from new and old hardcore fans, Mötley Crüe decided to reform last year and are now getting ready to tour with Def Leppard, Poison, Joan Jett and Tuk Smith on the Stadium Tour.

Machine Gun Kelly, Daniel Webber, Douglas Booth and Iwan Rheon are the actors who impersonated the LA rockers in The Dirt movie and some of them have already shared their own homages to this special anniversary through their socials.

Some new stats:

  • 460M Streams in the last 12 months on Spotify
  • 72M Streams for ‘The Dirt’ Soundtrack in 12 months on Spotify
  • Instagram followers – now over 1 million
  • Spotify followers – now over 2.4m
  • YouTube views – now over 224,000,000
  • Facebook fans – now over 4m