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More details on the new one from Londoners

London based Hunter Kill Hunter are delighted to announce the artwork and tracklisting for their new EP entitled ‘II’ which is set for release on the 2nd December.

Hunter Kill Hunter typically deal with the personal battles that many can relate too, particularly on the second EP.  The songs themselves are often highly emotionally charged, which becomes especially apparent in their live show.
The band play on a marriage between the pop-sensibility heard in their songs and a more cathartic and visceral display of emotions that is often seen during their live shows. It is this marriage which gives Hunter Kill Hunter their edge.

In the bands words::
“The EP is an acknowledgement of ourselves, the effect our environment has on us, the effect we have on each other and the effect we have on those around us. Life is so short, voicing what it is that we want and do not want from life is held high. It’s about making yourself
apparent, the striving achieve the goals you’ve always wanted, without compromising the purity of your spirit.

It also deals with a loss of identity, having no sense of belonging or security within the world we live in and has a gauge of morality and spirituality which is consistent throughout.”

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Hunter Kill Hunter – II – Tracklisting

01 Intro
02 Too Much To Take
03 Sinking From Within
04 The Hunted
05 They’ve Traded Us For Gold
06 We Are The Blame
07 Neverlasting Light

Release Date: 02/12/2016

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