Out today, the behind-the-scenes Track Chat for ‘And If You Should See Dave…‘, The Stranglers tribute to their friend and colleague Dave Greenfield who passed away from Covid last year.

“He was a colleague and a friend for 45 years… it leaves a big and empty space in one’s life.” JJ Burnel explains.

It was the first track to come out from their upcoming new record, Dark Matters, earlier this year. It is also the first Stranglers song to not feature keys and, with the last lyric ‘this is where your solo would go’, it speaks volumes of their love for Dave. It’s hit home for fans and critics too, and is a fitting tribute to a great artist and friend. Listen to the track here.

Watch the Track Chat here, with behind-the-scenes insight from JJ, Baz and producer Louie Nicastro on how the track was made.

Series so far here.