Hardcore, as they release a new EP

Ascending Southern melodic hardcore crew ‘Moralist’ drop their explosive new EP, ‘Bitterness
Lays In Wasted Times’, on Friday 17th June, through all digital platforms.

Southampton based quintet ‘Moralist’ started life last year with a clear declaration: to produce something that is unique and genuinely creative. The band also wanted their music to reflect real life and real experiences. On first listening to Moralist you will have no doubt that they have lived up to this manifesto. With a sound that tugs from the fundamentals of hardcore and metal but thoughtfully avoids the cliché pitfalls that govern many artists, Moralist spew out their heart and soul in their music, and you feel their earnest intensity right from the off. The five-some have a killer set list and a growing fanbase already, and with a budding reputation for delivering a highly energetic live show, Moralist show no signs of letting up.


Moralist now surge forward with the official release of their debut EP ‘Bitterness Lays In Wasted Times’. Throughout the Winter the band entered Avenue Studios to work on the EP and it’s a real corker. Dispatching four tracks of venomous hardcore, the EP weighs in with stomping riffs and thunderous beats, and is fueled by the band’s abundant passion and sheer belief. From the melodic guile and enticing groove of their new single and opener ‘Nevermore’ to the unrelenting attack and bite of the EP’s namesake ‘Bitterness Lays In Wasted Times’, and onto to the colossal ‘Weatherman’, which washes over you with its dynamism and contagious grit, the EP soars. ‘Bound To Anchors’ finishes the record in blistering style with its full frontal riffery and monstrous vocals. Moralist are here and they will rise through the ranks. Stay tuned to the band’s Facebook page for tour dates as they hit the road with Holding Absence this April.