Laura’s Top 20 Songs


Laura picks her top twenty songs this year. Strictly speaking it should be 19 as one of them was released last year…..but it’s Theia so we let her off.

In no particular order as all my choices were favourites this year:

Massive – Dancefloor
Davy’s Gripp – The Search (Entire EP is a contender)
Dirty Thrills – Burning Bridges
Kodiak Jack – Waves
Buffalo Summer – Down To The River
Fire Red Empress – Left Unspoken
Wicked Tongues – Jackals
Tax The Heat – Highway Home
Ten Ton Tabby – Ride On To Me (again Entire EP is a contender )
Grifter – Black Gold
Rival State – Aces
Skam – The Zone
Theia – We’re Alive!
Mercury Doll – Lobster
Whiskey Myers – Home
The Cadillac Three – Back It Up
Shaman’s Harvest – Here It Comes
Crobot – Nowhere to Hide
Raven Eye – Hey Hey Yeah (again Entire EP is a contender)
Western Sand – Black Water Resolution

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