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Just as Landmarks band were wrapping up their time recording, disaster struck, as bassist Adam reveals: “The studio was broken into during the night. Twice. Much of the equipment was stolen, and the studio was brought to its knees.” It was this twisted turn of events that, in part, inspired the E.P’s title, a middle finger to fate’s cruel hand; “That traumatic event solidified the phrase in our minds,” says Adam, “It’s subsequently come to work almost as a band motto for us. ‘In Spite Of It All’ sees Landmarks making a departure from their pop punk roots toward an alt-rock laced sound. Though still rich in melody, it’s an altogether more sombre affair, recalling the likes of Brand New in its downturned, more introspective aesthetic. As the band are about to release another video from the impending EP, here they discuss the creation of their last, ‘Cutting Strings’…

Why did you decide to launch the EP with this track?: We felt this song best portrayed our move in a new direction with our sound. It also gave us the best song to work with the dark vibe of the video that we had planned and knew we wanted to go with. The track is quite a literal, heart-on-your-sleeve song about an already fractured relationship finally coming to an end.

 Where did you shoot it?: We shot the video in a warehouse near Manchester Piccadilly which is the area we rehearse in. We couldn’t believe our luck when we stumbled upon it, it was ideal.


Who directed it?: Our very own Thomas Cordner (drummer) directed and edited the video, with assistance from our good friend Martin Buswell


Did anything interesting or unusual that happen?: Nothing completely crazy – but the florescent arrows that feature, were borrowed from Adam’s work place. They would only flash on every now and again, so we had to wait for the perfect sequence to get the video just right – all whilst being aware of the time, as we had just 4 hours to complete it at the location haha!


So what do you think of the outcome?: We’re really happy with how it came out and still can’t believe we got it all done in the small time scale we had.

  • Landmarks Release ‘In Spite Of It All’ via Scylla Records on 12th August 2016. Pre-order at:

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