LAST TEMPTATION release new single ‘Stronger Than Fate’,  out now on Crusader Records.

Listen here:

After destroying the metal world with their recent cracking singles ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Your God’ and ‘Ashes and Fire’, LAST TEMPTATION are set to launch another aural assault with their new single Stronger Than Fate, an absolute traditional metal scorcher and will be in the running for the best pure metal song of 2021.

Stronger Than Fate’ is a fast paced, Ozzy Osbourne-style track with a chanting chorus and shredding guitars. The track describes people who feel they can do anything, be stronger than anyone and seem to forget that they can’t beat death.These people do or say stupid things and believe nothing can reach them until their day comes to face the music.

LAST TEMPTATION are setting the Metal world on fire with their traditional metal onslaught and are definitely set for bigger things. This is metal how it should be, super musicianship, soaring vocals and anthemic tunes.
Listen/Buy ‘Stronger Than Fate’ HERE