THE THIRD MIND, a new CA-based supergroup with an all-star line-up of players, premieres the video for their second single, “Claudia Cardinale,” from their self-titled debut out February 14 via Yep Roc Records.

Featuring Dave Alvin (guitar, vocals), Victor Krummenacher (bass, vocals), David Immergluck (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Michael Jerome (drums, percussion), with special guest Jesse Sykes (guitar, vocals), the album was recorded and mixed by Craig Parker Adams at the late great Winslow Ct Studios in Los Angeles.

The six-song collection features one original composition, “Claudia Cardinale,” and five covers – a full track list is below. The first edition CD and LP includes two bonus tracks – remixes of “East West,” one of which is mixed by Grammy-winning mixing engineer Tchad Blake (The Black Keys, Sheryl Crow, Arctic Monkeys).

“When we came up with the track “Claudia Cardinale,” I told all the musicians to imagine that you’re on a sunny Italian beach in 1966 laying next to the gorgeous Italian actress Claudia Cardinale,” says Dave Alvin of the song. “The musicians easily captured the essence of Ms. Cardinal’s timeless beauty and power.”

Of the video, which was created and directed by Victor Krummenacher, he offers “I wondered if I could assemble an abstract film, where “Once Upon A Time” era Claudia Cardinale subtly enters as the muse and takes us off on a journey back through time in California. Dave and I are both southern California natives who’ve seen a lot of change in our home state, so I tried to play with both the nostalgia of youth, that particular sexual longing that goes with youth, and also an existential flight back through time into the last 100 years or so of California; another kind of nostalgia. Hopefully we do our job as musicians, and we take you off on a trip through time, emotion, place and space.”

The album features the art of Tony Fitzpatrick with a different collectible poster in both the LP and CD package and is now available for pre-order. A spring tour will be announced soon.

THE THIRD MIND Track listing:

  1. Journey in Satchidananda (Alice Coltrane) 6:00
  2. The Dolphins (Fred Neil) 5:17
  3. Claudia Cardinale (David Immergluck, Dave Alvin, Victor Krummenacher, Michael Jerome 2:54
  4. Morning Dew (Bonnie Dobson) 9:21
  5. East West (Nick Gravenites, Mark Naftalin) 16:30
  6. Reverberation (Roky Erickson, T. Hall, Stacy Sutherland) 3:54

Bonus Tracks: First Edition CD and vinyl only

  1. East West – mixed by Tchad Blake / 17:05
  2. East West 2 – mixed by Clay Blair / 14:12

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