Jesus and Mary’s boys mesmerise the faithful in Birmingham

Whilst with due apologies to Tess Parks, we don’t see all of her set, but in places it is reminiscent of Mazzy star, which in my book is no bad thing.

A short interval, the lights dim and on to the stage shuffle the band.

At first I didn’t recognise William as he’s filled out a little since I last saw him at the Powerhouse in September 1987, Jim however is little changed. The structure of the night is explained. There will be a short set of songs, a break then the Psychocandy Album played in full.

So away we go with “April Skies”, “Head On”, “Some Candy Talking” and “Psychocandy”.

What I love about this band is that after a while I’m almost hypnotised and drift away in my own world as the music rises to a crescendo. “Between Planets”, “Reverence” and the wonderful “Upside down” close out the first set.

After a short break which showed a vintage 1954 film of the Reid brothers’ East Kilbride home, the Pychocandy album backdrop is in place and the guys re-enter the stage. The set follows the album track listing from “Just Like Honey”,to “It’s So Hard,” and everything in between..

There is minimal chat from Jim throughout the set apart from the occasional Thank you. The place is predominantly full of older men and a few younger fans. At times the atmosphere is a little subdued, even reverential, like we were witnessing a religious event or happening.

Occasionally catching glimpses of the band through the heavy mist of dry ice. But people are there to share a phenomenon, a superb band playing their seminal debut album. Some have seen them before and some are seeing them for the first time. It was a wonderful night, which strangely enough I enjoyed again and again, reflecting back on it in the days to follow. This is a great album, which still stands up after almost thirty years, tonight proved that.