The Duke of Spook, WEDNESDAY 13 reveals another taste of his hotly anticipated 9th studio album Horrifier, in the shape of ‘Insides Out’. One of, if not the heaviest track of his career, the gory cut is accompanied an equally gruesome video and arrives in the wake of addictive first single, ‘You’re So Hideous’

Today, following addictive first single You’re so Hideous, and one of his heaviest cuts yet, Insides OutWEDNESDAY 13 has revealed his latest concoction, ‘Good Day To Be A Bad Guy’.  The track aces the pure horrorpunk spirit of his former band MURDERDOLLS as a downright blissful, tongue-in-cheek earworm that seeps into the listener’s head on repeat. 

WEDNESDAY 13 says about the song:

‘Good Day To Be a Bad Guy’ is one of my favourite tracks off the new album. This track definitely has an earlier WEDNESDAY 13 sound to it, with the horror punk hammer in full swing and excessive use of the ‘F’ word! The video carries on with the horror movie theme, with another tribute to one of my favorite films from the 80s, Halloween III: Season Of The Witch.”

Check that out below.

Showcasing a blend of styles plucked from the band’s 20-year career, Horrifier weaves an underlying sonic thread reminiscent of WEDNESDAY 13’s roots – a raucous blend of ballistic metal and macabre heavy rock that’ll have new and diehard fans alike ascending from the depths. As always, various tracks on the album are inspired by classic horror flicks, this time circling cult-favorite slasher John Carpenter’s Halloween and the iconic Christine supernatural thrillers.

Horrifier was produced and recorded by WEDNESDAY 13 with mixing and mastering by Brent Clawson, and features stunning album artwork by Jonny Bush. A dynamic journey into the 20-year career-spanning sound of WEDNESDAY 13Horrifier revitalizes with something for every listener to latch onto – boasting intensely fun horror punk energy with gruesome metallic attitude!

WEDNESDAY 13 offers about Horrifier:

“The last three releases have seen the band explore new ground with heavier songs, drums, and vocals. Coming out of the Covid crisis, I promised I would not release a sad, depressing record. I wanted to make a fun, horror themed rock record that would be reminiscent of the first few WEDNESDAY 13 records. The new album is a fun, fast-paced, thriller!”