A New Tomorrow are undergoing something of a new dawn, if you will. The band were formed in London by Alessio Garavello (who back in the day was in the brilliant Arthremis) and they’ve been knocking around for a long time, they were Band Of The Day back in October 2019 and they weren’t new then. Garavello reckons they’ve never played Wolverhampton before for example. It feels though that this tour could be the start of a rebirth for them, and they have a real quality. “Believe” has a big, lush sound, a kind of grandiosity, reminiscent of the likes of Karnivool. They’ve always had that too, as older stuff like “Brighter Than The Sun” – released in 2012 – proves. They can riff with the best of them too, and there’s a heavier edge to the last one, “Until The End” and the four piece seem absolutely geared up for a 2023 which is a brighter tomorrow. They are surely too good to be under the radar for too much longer.

Let’s deal with the obvious thing first, which we don’t always do around here. But Inglorious Nathan James had to cancel yesterday’s gig in Hull because he lost his voice. He’s a trooper, though is Nath, “I’ve had a Red Bull, and we’re cracking on. I might not be able to talk tomorrow, but I am here to sing for you tonight!”

We’ve gone past the stage now, where we talk about the “new” line up of the band. They five piece are four albums in now, and a lot of this set comes from their most recent studio record, “We Will Ride”. “Do You Like It?” is an example of why that album was so good. One of the finest records of their career, and this bunch has always had a quality. “Where Are You Now?” proves that.

They’d even began with one of them. It’s opening tune “She Won’t Let You Go” and watching James is to watch someone who is just thrilled to be on stage again. It’s where he is meant to be. And even if he’s being held together by Red Bull and Paracetamol this evening, his voice is still a mighty weapon.

“High Flying Gypsy” goes right back to the start when they were the boys most likely, selling out venues all over the place and touring with some major acts. The talent is still the same – and arguably the songs are even better.

There’s an interesting acoustic section in the middle of the set. Following “Time After Time” – from the recent covers album they did –  Drummer Phil Beaver (along with James the only original member) plays acoustic and sings “My Hero” in tribute to Taylor Hawkins, which segues straight into another Foos song, “Best Of You”.

They’re better, though, when they do their own songs. “He Will Provide” is almost like the centrepiece of the show. Danny Dela Cruz and Dan Stevens are a formidable guitar duo, and my, how they show it their soloing in that one. They are a more metal band than they were, and “Eyes Of The Storm” is very much laying down a marker for where they’re going.

They end the show – and they get bonus points for not doing an encore – with three songs from their past and you have to acknowledge the genuine skill in songs like “Holy Water”, “I Don’t Need Your Loving” and “Until I Die”.

What it does is focus the mind on the fact that like this isn’t a “new” band anymore. Six years have passed since that debut album came out and they have a body of work now. It’s interesting to watch them develop from those hot young things to the hard rock near veterans that they are.

Where they go from here will doubtless be exciting as their music always has been, for now though, its very nearly three years since they’ve been on a proper tour, and isn’t it great to see them back on the stages they are supposed to be on.

Additional reporting Dave Webb

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