Today, the ‘Secrets Of The American Gods‘ will finally be revealed, the call of the ‘Blood Of The Elves will be answered, and BLIND GUARDIAN‘s latest epos The God Machine comes to life. With nine stunning tracks under its wing, the twelfth BLIND GUARDIAN album has already received a lot of praise, from both fans and media alike.

To celebrate this new milestone in the band’s already impressive career, BLIND GUARDIAN present a video for their track ‘Architects Of Doom‘. The latest chapter of The God Machine is a truly hypnotizing experience that can be watched here: https://youtu.be/u60SpI8qsd4

Singer Hansi Kürsch states,

“Happy Release Day! Finally, finally, the day has come. Good things come to those who wait… I cannot imagine ever longing that intensely for a release date.

are hopefully already holding the masterpiece in your hands, assuring yourself that we didn’t exaggerate with all our praisbeforehand. No fillers, just killers! The God Machine is a wholesome BLIND GUARDIAN album that will sweeten your coming months, even years. It’s served, bon appétit!

The God Machine features classic speed metal anthems, epic bangers and ‘Architects Of Doom’! This song is an epic wrecking ball at its finest. In my opinion, this is the best and most outstanding track of the whole record. Reinvention or a return to ancient virtues, that’s the question.”

Order The God Machine here: http://nblast.de/BG-TheGodMachine

The God Machine marks another pinnacle in BLIND GUARDIAN‘s impressive discography by not attempting to pretend that it is still the nineties, yet successfully relying on the muscle memory of this period. It is a gripping, addictive and brilliantly arranged album in the tradition of records with which BLIND GUARDIAN reached for the stars in the 90’s; yet, by no means is it a throwback. The God Machine represents the heart and soul of BLIND GUARDIAN‘s timeless metal in the here and now, unifying the bards’ past, present and future secrets in one consistent, well thought-out masterpiece.

In 1992, BLIND GUARDIAN released Somewhere Far Beyond, a legendary milestone of modern speed metal. Three decades later, their latest offering, The God Machine, demonstrates how to awaken the fury of youth to a magical new life. As if they had paid a long overdue visit to the numerous highlights of their career, BLIND GUARDIAN appear to be in touch with the ghosts of their past more than ever. 

Seven years after Beyond The Red Mirror and almost three after the orchestral opus Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra: Legacy of the Dark LandsHansi Kürsch (vocals), André Olbrich (lead guitar, acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar), Marcus Siepen (rhythm guitar and acoustic guitar) and Frederik Ehmke (drums) invite you to their personal twilight of the gods.

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