Melbourne hard rockers THE VENDETTAS are back with a brand new single ‘Guardians’ out now on all digital platforms via Golden Robot Records. There’s nothing better than guitar-driven, hook-laden, straight-up rock ‘n’ roll and Melbourne based band, THE VENDETTAS fit right into that category.

THE VENDETTAS deliver their unique brand of straight-up rock with a bit of a twist. ‘Guardians’ draws you in right from the onset with its crunchy guitar and thumping drum beat intro, before the bass and vocals come in and set it all off into full swing.

Listen to Guardians HERE

The band are also extremely proud to announce that their new album THE VENDETTAS III will be released on 7th May and will be available as Digital Download and Limited Edition 180g Vinyl.

THE VENDETTAS make a strong case for themselves as one of Australia’s premier rock bands with their latest album THE VENDETTAS III. Each song is carefully categorised in perfect sequence to engage the listener with an old-school “just press play and take in the whole album” experience.

Opening track ‘Face to Face’  draws you in with its hypnotic guitar riff intro, and thumping tom beat, which clearly demonstrates that a ‘huge, spacious drum sound’ was a priority for this recording and was well and truly achieved. Tracked and Mixed by Mat RobinsThe Vendettas seem to have found a home away from home at Colour Sound Studios and the recording performances are evident of this.

Boisterous numbers like ‘Slinging Mud’ and  ‘Rats on the Wheel’ pay homage to the band’s earlier hard/punk rock roots, while the softer, more blues inspired pieces, like ‘Sold you Out’ and ‘What Have You Done’ Along with the acoustic ‘Only The Wicked’ sees the band’s song writing craft reach a new level of diversity.

The latest single ‘Guardians’ is almost the perfect example of the album’s variance in style, while in essence, it is a straight up rock track, the eerie minor chords of the main riff, and chorus line “You know me, I’m a window without a view” is somewhat surprisingly thought provoking for a song of this genre.

The rhythm section (Gamble / Van Der Meer) is right on the money throughout, expertly laying a bed of infectious groove, that allows the Brit-rock like guitar tones (Mattern) and raspy soul infused vocals (Redden) to soar. This is evident on the 60’s anthem inspired ‘Believe You Know’ and americana vibes of ‘Dang Bird’ where it’s fair to say the whole band has been given licence to let the shackles off, and the result demonstrates the bands comradery and musicianship is firing at 100%.

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