Hark(er) Is That A Free Compilation I Hear?


Brighton band sign to US label and feature on a free download only compilation

Fest 2014 is upon us! To celebrate our friends at P+P have launched a 10-band compilation featuring 9 of our bands playing this year’s Festival.  But wait… that doesn’t add up!

That’s because the final contribution is from Harker (hailing from Brighton, UK) who they have signed and shall be releasing their 4-track EP the month after Fest.  Their track “23” features on the latest compilation and it  your first glimpse of their upcoming EP.

Harker shall be touring later in the year in the UK/EU.

You can download the compilation for free here or go here to stream it here.

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Full track listing for the compilation is below.

(1) The Gamits – Falling Apart
(2) The Red Owls – Chaser
(3) We Are The Union – Call In Dead
(4) Harker – 23
(5) Gameday Regulars – The Punisher
(6) The Helltons – We’re Dead
(7) The Moms – Bedtime
(8) Aspiga – Wide Eyes
(9) Break Anchor – First World Problems
(10) Brutal Youth – Contrarian

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