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Ginger’s folky new clip 

Ginger Wildheart currently on the road with The Ginger Wildheart Band and Hey!Hello!, with 18 performances in 16 days, unveils a brand new video for ‘If You Find Yourself In London Town’.
“The video and song is a letter to a younger me, trying to make a name for himself in the big city. “ says Ginger “What to avoid and what to watch out for.
I’d have loved to have had some advice back when I moved from the North East, but I didn’t know anyone who had moved to London before me. This meant learning on the move, which was invaluable in gaining survival tips for my future. It was a very different place then, and well worth the cost of training to navigate. “
The cautionary tale that is ‘If You Find Yourself In London Town’ is taken from Ginger Wildheart’s The Year Of The Fanclub album

Ginger is being  supported at all shows by US power pop titan Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors. Opening the shows at Leeds, Newcastle & Cambridge will be Danny McCormack’s new band, The Main Grains and this is the first time Danny and Ginger have shared a stage in years! In London Ginger’s Hey! Hello! support while the remaining shows are opened by the UK’s very own rock behemoth Massive Wagons.
Ginger is accompanied on these dates by Toshi (bass), Denzel (drums) and Conny Bloom (lead guitar & vocals).
Hey! Hello! are an ultra-catchy noise pop group and have been creating their first full-length studio album as a band ‘Hey! Hello! Too!’.
T In The Park will give audiences the first opportunity to hear the new music, with  ‘Hey! Hello! Too!’ set to be released on Round Records Records in the near future.
Hey! Hello! describe themselves as ‘Hyper energetic, ultra positive and heavily melodic’ with a punk spirit and a take-no-shit attitude while coming armed with a trick full of great tunes.
The Hey! Hello! shows will unite everyone by music, involving the audience as much as the band . ‘We can’t change the entire world, but we can change our world by using positive thought and actions, and we will spread this message to every pair of ears that we come into contact with.’
Hey!Hello! play pure unadulterated volume driven rock’ n’roll “We’re bringing rock n roll back in 2016, and you better believe we mean that 100%.”
Hey! Hello! is – Ai (drums / vocals) the calm one, Toshi (bass)  the resourceful one, The Rev (lead guitar) the cool one and Ginger (rhythm guitar /vocals)  the wise one.
‘Music is the sound of feelings, and we are all the creators of our own feelings – positive or negative. Hey! Hello! choose to be positive, therefore our music reflects that intention. This is the sound of joy.’

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