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Gloucester punks keep it simple

Rising from the ashes of a band that imploded while trying to write the most complicated songs known to man, the two men of GagReflex settled on a brave, defiant and altogether simpler approach; bass and drums were all that was needed to brew a fresh blend of punk rock. Something to leave an odd but addictive taste on the palate.

 In late 2012, Gloucestershire-based GagReflex released the Nails EP, picking up a set of great reviews, propelling the duo into an eight date UK tour in 2013, and a heavy live schedule for the next 18 months, playing with bands such as The Computers, Johnny Foreigner, Electric Eel Shock, Empire, Talons, Exit International and more.


 ‘A Mouthful Of Marbles’ is the band’s debut album, and marks the start of the band’s involvement with indie label Secret Chord Records.

 The record took considerable time to cultivate, slowed up by all the necessities of real life: kids, house moves, job changes etc. The band first went into the studio in July 2013 to record a cover for a compilation. While there, they started tracking for what was expected to be a new EP. The songs flowed, the track listing grew, and the EP plan soon became the debut record plan. After a three year gestation period, the first GagReflex album is born.

 These punk rock dads are rightly proud of their offspring, as they explain:

“A Mouthful Of Marbles is a focussed snapshot of GagReflex as we are today. A more refined beast than the Nails EP, we were shooting for a bigger, brighter, more polished product, but one that still captured the energy and feel of our live shows. Anyone who makes an album will likely tell you they never truly think it’s finished, and we’re definitely of that mind, but nevertheless we believe we have absolutely created that which we set out to, and we’re really excited to let it loose at last.

Musically, the album demonstrates the bands mission to push the limits of a two-piece band – in both structure and sound. Lyrically, it’s a heady mix of deep introspection and outward howling rage. Some of the songs explain themselves, others stay well in their respective boxes requiring the listening to dig a little deeper to understand.

Discussing the thinking behind the record, the band says:

 “The overall concept of the album arrived organically; there was no initial plan but, track by track, a common theme emerged: one of railing against the forces that constrain us, from global power structures to our own internal demons.”

 “Ice ages have passed in less time than it took to make this record. Hopefully someone will still be enjoying it when the next one arrives.”

‘A Mouthful Of Marbles’ will be released on 27/01/2017 on CD, digital download and all popular streaming services.





Track listing:

1. Marbles

2. Earth Fault Develops

3. My Disregards

4. Inside/Inspite

5. What Can Change The Nature Of A Man

6. Black Start

7. Faith, Like A Jackal

8. Safety Third

9. Boiler
10. Feed Dogma To Dogs


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