The insatiably curious and effortlessly diverse Northern Irish protest-punk CATALAN! has streamed his new video for ‘Ungoogleable’.

Watch the video here:

The track is taken from CATALAN!‘s debut LP Veritas, which is out now.

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Self-described as a protest-rock project CATALAN! has already started becoming known for his danceable meld of forward-thinking indie, post-rock, and post-punk.

Aiming to spark lively debate around everything from environmental catastrophe to social media deluge, Ewen’s stream of consciousness and reference-heavy lyrics are irresistibly melded to a backdrop of infectious rhythms, fizzy guitars, and synthy bass grooves.

A wide range of inspirations informs CATALAN!‘s soundworld – elements of world music, post-everything, and even hip-hop. Ewen by day is a touring crewmember for a range of other bands (Frnk IeroLaura Jane GraceThursday, among others) and is also a trained tour guide of his home on the north coast of Ireland. Veritas was written during Ewen’s travels around Europe – and a sense of worldly curiosity permeates the record.

CATALAN!‘s combined experiences helped shape Veritas, recorded on the remote North Coast of Northern Ireland. As Ewen comments “it took all the touring and travel to write the CATALAN! record, but it took coming home to record it”, in an isolated location with no internet, phone signal, or outside contact. It’s a mixture of local history, news, a novel and politics all combined to create a release full of engaging emotive depth – formed via a stream-of-consciousness approach.

Using the stream-of-consciousness, Veritas asks the question: how are we expected to approach the way we consume world news today, given that there’s such a range of it?

CATALAN!‘s uniquely engaging approach has already helped turn many heads at the BBC, The Line of Best Fit, supporting Jamie Lenman and And So I Watch You From Afar, among others. Ewen’s also known from his time in local post-hardcore heroes Axis Of.

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