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Gothic metallers celebrate ten years with digital compilation

Finnish Gothic metallers Dark the Suns return from four years break to celebrate their 10 years in existence with a brand new compilation album, “Life Eternal”, released on December 15th.

The album which is available only through digital download stores and stream services include 10 best tracks from their career.

The band have been also slowly written new songs so be expected to hear new material in the future!

Dark the Suns – Life Eternal

1. The Sleeping Beauty
2. Sleepless Angels
3. All Ends in Silence
4. The Dead End
5. Alone
6. Walking with an Angel
7. Unbroken Silence
8. Reflections
9. Don’t Fear the Sleep
10. Rimed with Frost

Sleeping Beauty    (Demo)    2005
In Darkness Comes Beauty (demo)    2006
In Darkness Comes Beauty (Full-length)    2007
Rimed with Frost (Single) 2008
The Sleeping Beauty (Single) 2008
The Dead End (EP) 2008
All Ends in Silence (Full-length) 2009
Wounded by Broken Dreams (Single) 2010
Don’t Fear the Sleep (Single) 2010
Sleepwalking in a Nightmare (Full-length) 2010
Lake of a Thousand Tears (Single) 2011
Evensong (Single) 2011

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