Americana artist Ed Dupas (pronounced Du-paw) is a singer-songwriter combining a well-worn, speakeasy voice with side-by-side acoustic and electric tunes. Born in Houston and raised in Winnipeg, Ed Dupas now calls Michigan home. His latest single, ‘This Old Heartbrings a lightness to Dupas’ traditionally lonesome songs. Written in part in early 2020 and finishing late in the year, ‘This Old Heart’ has one foot pre and post COVID, bringing its audience both a familiar, rooted comfort and an unfiltered, new vision that accepts our impermanence – a friend we all need as the world transforms what we thought we knew.

Singer-songwriter Ed Dupas is going underground. You can find him if you want to, and he hopes you do, but authenticity comes first as Dupas embraces a time of introspection and reinvention. Dupas is making music – part country, part blues, part rock, part poetry – but more than anything, he’s using music to find his voice and himself, whatever that may be. If music is healing, then you’d do well to get lost in this artist’s songs, as a well-worn, speakeasy voice joins side-by-side acoustic and electric tunes. His latest album, The Lonesome Side of Town made the U.S. Top 100 Americana chart, but you wouldn’t know it, standing in Dupas’ kitchen listening to the self-described man in the shadows, someone longing for night skies and forest walks more than a mainstage. Dupas’ music has been compared to that of Bruce Springsteen, Kris Kristofferson, Sturgill Simpson, Sam Outlaw, and Steve Earle, but regardless of the artist you stand him next to, Dupas is making music all his own.

Dupas’ songs are rooted first and foremost in their reflective lyrics and ability to capture sonic snapshots of emotion, both broad and personal in theme. These lyrical narratives reach listeners through a range of soulful, simple melodies contrasted with nuanced musical complexity. Whether performed on stages, in bars, or in living rooms, Dupas’ music adapts, with songs inspiring rock and roll foot tapping to philosophical contemplations and culminating in a soundtrack for wandering souls and wound-up executives alike.

Born in Houston and raised in Winnipeg, Ed Dupas now calls Michigan home. He currently resides in Ann Arbor, where he lives and makes music with his two lucky black cats. Dupas is a self-described searcher and thinker, and his music reflects this seeking-rather-than-settled demeanour. Growing up, music and religion were staples in his household, yet today, these roots serve less to ground Dupas in tradition, and more to tether his journey of questions, travelled, in large part, through songwriting. Dupas’ music bears witness to his own personal struggles and transformations, but also asks listeners to open themselves to the broader world, forever questioning and testifying to the mysterious beauty of our raw humanity.

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