Get Ready For Chaos


Death metallers are just getting started

A new band called INFECTED CHAOS rose from Austria and southern Germany in 2013, which was formed from the remnants of Chaosreign.
Its former members Matthias (guitars), Martin (guitars) and Flo (bass) wanted to give birth to the already existing material, and therefore joined forces with their musical longtime allies Christoph (drums) and Christian (vox), who brought their very own character into the compositions. After perfecting the self-recorded songs, the whole flock headed for renowned Iguana Studios in Freiburg in January 2014 where everything got mixed and mastered. According to Christoph B. (Iguana Studios), it sounds “like a tank in the middle of war that will incessantly move to the front! Comparable to old Dismember or Entombed.”
After countless setbacks, which were caused by the band’s first label, and the change to Metalmusic Austria the full-length debut “The Wake of Ares.”was released onto mankind in March 2015 and induced severe live massacre in
clubs and on festival stages.
Having played several gigs in Germany, Austria and Italy, proud to mention having supported the legendary Possessed the songwriting has just started. It is influenced by new ideas and experiences, to forge a
worthy, yet untitled sequel to The Wake of Ares that shall haunt the earth in early 2016
And here is Matthias to tell us all about it: “The Album “The Wake of Ares” is completely self-recorded and -produced. With the help from a small community among Friends, we were given the opportunity to use decent equipment and recording-rooms and thus were able to create a powerful basic sound. For the mix and mastering we chose Iguana Studio in Freiburg. Christoph has done a great job and came up with an astonishing result.
“The main subjects of the album are dealing with suppression, slavery, gaining strength and revolting against it. Therefore I created the fictional underground movement “The Blooddawn Resistance”. We ́re living in a world of greed and suppression and The Blooddawn Resistance is the voice of the suppressed, willing to fight the tyrants.
“Only three tracks on the album do not directly refer to this issue. These are “The Ninth Circle”, which is simply a song about death, how the ancient greek people could have seen it, “Code of IC”, which is just a simple declaration of love to death metal and “Awaking into Nightmare” which deals  with a big fuck up I had to endure during 2013.The album title “The Wake of Ares” can be interpreted on two levels. At first, Ares is kind of an idol, the supreme God of the blooddawn resistance, who is summoned to grant strength and courage in hard times and for the fight. On the other hand it ́s a statement of “We (Infected Chaos) are here now and we came to crush!!”


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