Get Nasty (Again)


Re-issues of trad-metal faves

Metal Blade to re-issue classic NASTY SAVAGE albums on vinyl as part of the Metal Blade Originals series and for the first time ever on Digi-CD!

On the 26th of February two of the most classical Metal Blade catalogue titles will be re-issued.NASTY SAVAGEs self-titled debut album as well as its successor, ‘Indulgence‘!

Both albums will be available on vinyl as well as on Digi-CDs. It’s the first time ever the albums will be available as Digi-CDs, these are limited to 2.000 copies each. The ‘Indulgence‘ CD will feature the four songs of the ‘Abstract Reality‘ mini-album as a bonus. Here’s the available vinyl colours:

NASTY SAVAGE – ‘Nasty Savage
180g Black
Blood Red Vinyl (ltd. 300, numbered)
Grey Marbled Vinyl (ltd. 200, numbered)

NASTY SAVAGE – ‘Indulgence
180g Black
Clear/Purple Marbled (ltd. 300, numbered)
Swamp Green Marbled (ltd. 200, numbered)

The vinyls are part of the Metal Blade Originals series that started just last Friday with the re-issues of the SLAYER titles ‘Show No Mercy‘, ‘Hell Awaits‘, ‘Haunting The Chapel‘ and ‘Live Undead‘.

The NASTY SAVAGE vinyls will be released with 400g heavy cardboard spine sleeves (inside out print), 60x60cm artwork posters and 250g inserts.

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