Three-times British Blues Awards nominee, London-based soul-bluesman Mississippi MacDonald releases the tasty second serving from the banquet of his forthcoming album, ‘Do Right, Say Right’ (released 19th November 2021, on APM Records).

Released today, 15th Oct, ‘It Can’t Hurt Me’ follows on from ‘I was Wrong’, continuing Mississippi MacDonald’s heartfelt, successful, quest to blend classic Blues and soul with fresh material and modern life. “It’s not musical archaeology,” says Mississippi, “It’s authentic and celebrates a rich, fantastic tradition. It’s soul-blues, and you’ve got to put your best into it.

That’s vividly the case in his latest single. ‘It Can’t Hurt Me’ starts by casting out a classic Blues hook and guitar solo — amidst sweet Hammond organ and subtle percussion — then leads into Mississippi’s impassioned vocals and no-holds-barred lyrics, telling an archetypal Blues tale of suspected infidelity, but with a modern take and angle.

“Everybody needs a little help from their friends,” says Mississippi, wryly, “However, it’s the plight of the Blues singer that they always seem to get the kind of ‘outside help’ that they could well do without…

“But, you know, when bad luck and trouble come knocking there’s always a song in there somewhere. And you’ve got to keep on going: you must never give up. So, if those lights are on way past midnight, and if something doesn’t look right, whatever is happening… well, It Can’t Hurt Me!”

As Kieron Tyler aptly put it in Mississippi’s biog: “MacDonald has arrived at the centre of a potent musical crossroads – where blues and soul meet. Not only is his thinking along the lines of The Black Keys, his whole ethos is simpatico with the roster of Jack White’s Third Man label – a thrilling present symbiotically drawing from the past.”

If you’ve a hankering for classic Blues and soul, plus original talent, you’ll find ‘It Can’t Hurt Me’ much to your taste. and watch for its parent album’s eagerly anticipated release on 19th November!

It Can’t Hurt Me now available on all digital platforms