Double dose of brutal grindcore

Blasting barrage of noise! Two sides, DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION from France and PROLETAR from Indonesia. Both play furious and raw grindcore. This is sincere grindcore and not watered-down blasts that are swimming around now. Influences draw from Napalm Death, Brutal Truth and the forefathers of the scene.

1. Uncle Jack Drives Me To School
2. Death By Sunburn
3. A Hole In her Eyes
4. Punk in the bass man
5. Grindcore 2 Peps
6. I Realize
7. The Trip
8. Desert Generator
9. Basement Shop
10. Peplum House

11. Manifestation of Human Greed
12. Global Darkness Destruction
13. A For Arrogance
14. Breeding the abnormality syndrome
15. Face of Moral Decline
16. Mindless

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