Geezapunx – Angry EP


Our very own punk geeza, Steve runs the rule over this EP

This is an EP from 4 hardworking punks from Basingstoke one of which even finds the time to write and issue a proper old style fanzine called ‘issuepunkzine’ now on it’s 93rd issue. They were around back in the day and this new reformed line up has been together for a while.

The EP consists of 4 tracks and they must be proper old school punk to cover ‘Mr Suit’ from Wire’s 1977 album ‘Pink Flag’ and do it justice.

‘It’s getting on my nerves’, is I assume an updated original. In proper old punk style this sounds like a cross between the Ramones meets ATV with a chorus and middle eight Menace would be proud of..

They are clearly politically aware and ‘Shut it you slag!’ is another great short singalong with lots of backing vocals and a hypnotic riff with hints of the Cockney Rejects. ‘Angry song’ is a great rant against the establishment clearly written when Mrs T was the enemy of the punk movement but all still relevant today. The music is fast and tight and the lyrics are excellent

This is a great EP from 4 angry men – must catch them live soon.

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