Belgian aims to leave his putrid mark

Belgium’s one man death-doom project Gateway unleashes its self-titled debut, the follow-up to last year’s well received 3-track demo “Aeternae”.

Gateway returns with 40 minutes of sluggish and barbaric death metal infused with ungodly doom and sludge.Depraved tales of ritualistic horror and grotesque beings in a conceptual Medieval theme, inspired by VanOyen’s hometown, Bruges. Influenced by the likes of Winter, Autopsy, Mortician, Cianide and Evoken,

Gateway leaves its putrid mark in today’s extreme metal underground.

Gateway - black logo

Prolegomenon (Intro)
Vox Occultus
Corrumpert Interludium
Vile Temptress
The Shores of Daruk
Portaclus (CD bonus track)