Sublime blues guitar songstress, CLARE FREE, releases a new single, She Can’t Buy, taken from her critically-acclaimed album, Where Are You Now?

The single is out on Fri 08 May across all download and streaming sites (available to pre-save on Spotify, Apple and Deezer here: and will be accompanied by a promotion video.

On writing the song, Clare said, “Originally, when I set out to write this song, I was after a kind of Oasis pop feel to it, it was a very straight, simple track and I wanted a catchy chorus. As the song developed it got moodier and heavier. It starts super simple and gets more and more layered as it goes along.

“Recording this track was brilliant, it had waited several years to make it to the studio having never really found a home on previous albums so watching it come to life was wonderful. It was a track that recorded itself, it just fell into place, bass right first time, drums right first time, guitars easy, solos fluid, it was a dream song to record. It’s one of my favourites from the new album so, I hope other people enjoy it as much as I do.”

Clare says the song is about loneliness and seeking substitutes for what really matters in life, “A lady I used to know was constantly buying things to try to fill a void in her life. Her focus was on ‘things’ and impressing people, rather than on the simple, personal aspects that bring true meaning to life. Despite the spending, she never seemed to be happy. This song is my way of exploring those thoughts.”

WHERE ARE YOU NOW?, the album from which the single is taken, was the first new release from Clare in seven years. Having taken a break from recording to raise her youngest child, Where Are You Now? was her first release since her acclaimed Dust And Bones album in 2012.

And the production team behind the new release reads like a who’s who of the modern music industry, including Richard Flack, Bob Kidby & Frank Arkwright.

Clare explains, I went for lunch at the Old Jet Arts hub which is run by Jesse Quin of Keane.  While I was there, I met the massively acclaimed music producer Richard Flack.  Richard is Robbie Williams’ producer, and he also works with other huge artists including Tina Turner, Olly Murs, Rudamental, the Spice Girls, Pulp, Stereophonics, INXS the list goes on and on.

“We got chatting and I mentioned to Richard that I wanted to record a new album.  When I spoke to him a couple of weeks later, he said he would be interested in producing and mixing it as long as we worked well together, and he invited me into the studio to do a trial song to see how we got on.

“The test track went well, and we all enjoyed working together, so Richard said, if I could fit in the recording in the days he had between flying back and forth to LA etc we could do it.  I jumped at the chance and what an opportunity it was!  Working on the album with Richard was fantastic, and Bob’s (Bob Kidby, Barn Studios) engineering skills are second to none.  They got the absolute best out of me.

“Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road did the mastering for me and wow, the album sounds absolutely amazing. I am so, so proud of it.”

WHERE ARE YOU NOW? was recorded at The Barn Studios. Suffolk
Produced and mixed by Richard Flack
Engineered and co-produced by Bob Kidby
Mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road Studios

Clare Free – all guitars and lead vocals
Jamie Kruppa – bass
Dave Jackson – drums
Bob Kidby – Backing vocals, harmonica and percussion

Coverart by Clare Free

  1. Where Are You Now?
  2. Did The Right Thing
  3. Scars
  4. She Can’t Buy
  5. Thank You
  6. Gimme Rock ‘n’ Roll
  7. Let Me Down Easy
  8. Bitch
  9. Little Miss Jealousy
  10. Nice Girls

Clare Free Band

Be Who You Are – Album – 2010
How It Is – EP – 2010
Dust and Bones – Album – 2012
Sniper Fire – Single – 2015
Did The Right Thing – Single – 2019
Where Are You Now – Album – March 2020

Live, the Clare Free Band is:
Clare Free – Vocals / Guitar
Jack Sunaway – Bass
Matt Furness – Drums


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