For Whom The Storm Bell Tolls


Experimental doom metal 

SOL is a Danish doom metal band started by Emil Brahe in the early 00′s, debuting in 2007 on Ván Records with the crushing funeral doom album “Let There Be A Massacre” and since releasing numerous albums in a variety of styles.
While most SOL works have a common denominator in themes of fear, esotericism and destruction, they differ in the form they are presented in: From acoustic drones over dark reed organ atmospherics and occult folk music.

“The Storm Bells Chime” shows indeed a band with destruction’s anger and aims, but elegantly kept within dusk-music atmospheres: this is the record you’ll want with you on the last day on Earth if you’ll die uncomplete….


1. The sky is empty
2. Ascending to the embrace of clouds
3. From every orifice of the abyss
4. Greet the dawn (for F)
5. Black belly of the beast
6. The storm bells chime


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