Bread & Butter Records UK are pleased to announce the brand new track by Honey Motel  ‘Milk & Honey’.

The land of Milk & Honey’. A term used to describe a place filled with hope, and opportunity. A place where all dreams come true and all of your endeavour pays off handsomely. Although nobody really knows what this place is, or where it is, it is a place all individuals depict differently within their own heads, which is the beauty and mystique of the term.

The track tells a story of how people’s hopes and aspirations stay alive on the prospect of ‘Milk & Honey’. The prospect of that better place, the prospect of helping others when you get there and allowing them to get there too. The track describes how confused most of us are when we ponder life’s questions, also how lost we are when we cannot answer them and turn to simpler more digestible distractions.

Listen/buy Milk & Honey’ HERE

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