Rocker Andrew Hagar released his latest single “Systematic Minds” to all major platforms today, May 5, 2023.

“As we race towards a precipice on the edge of the unknown, few people have ever stopped to question: why? Are we headed in the right direction? Is this destination somewhere we can return from? Could it potentially lead to our demise, as a culture or a species? Between the looming threat of AI, divisive political rhetoric pushing us into the extreme margins of “free” thought, the overwhelming negativity of our attention economy, and of course myriad social issues, it feels at times that we’re watching the decline of western civilization. It’s easy to think we’re teetering on the brink of a potential collapse. Or, perhaps, a revolution,” says Andrew.

He adds, “Regardless of the outcome, we as a society can feel ourselves collectively pushing up against the boundaries of our outlines, ready to burst. The choice then is simple: evolve or die. The trouble comes by virtue of our way of thinking. We have long been conditioned into a systematic ideology, perhaps without our knowledge or consent. Systematic Minds begs the question: why? If nothing else, I hope this song makes you think about the state of our world, our supposed destination, and why we think the way we do.”

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