Hailing from Brighton and Hove in the UK, NAIPIA combine Indie and Pop genres that leaves audiences with addictive hooks and melodies etched into their minds. They create songs about misspent youth, the growth of the soul and hard lessons learnt. NAIPIA take you to a place of self-reflection whilst shining a light on the beauty of what’s to come. The message: It’s okay to not be okay.

Having recently signed to Golden Robot Records (part of the Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group) NAIPIA have released their latest single and video ‘Lonely’. ‘Lonely’ immediately sets the tone beautifully with a crunchy yet almost NYC styled Rock riff the song then breaks off into a vocally dominant run before it then flows into a classic melodious Brit Pop/Rock tune. It’s bright, catchy and delightfully memorable.

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMwLYsx_4rE

LISTEN NOW: Stream/buy ‘Lonely’ HERE

After losing himself in NAPIER along the New Zealand coast, songwriter George Dewhurst re-found the music inside him and returned home to create his latest project: NAIPIA, along with drummer Matt Leppenwell and bassist Harry Dewhurst.

By honing their sound in a machinery warehouse for the past half-year, NAIPIA emerged with a quiet confidence boasting an intimate pop-rock sound fused with folkish vocal melodies that at once feel both unique and familiar.

Vocalist George can be found at the front of the stage, shoe-less, in a power stance insisting you feel every word that leaves his mouth. At his side, Cousin Harry on bass, who has a natural talent at sitting in the pocket with simple, melodic grooves and Matt on drums who holds the band together with his tight-knit, and creative rhythm.

Together with personal lyrics tucked into beautiful melodies, and an ensemble that prides themselves on their tightness and groove, Naipia will leave you dancing, smiling and thirsty for more.

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